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Trizz Previews "The Basement" With "Kill Zone"

This year, rapper Trizz unleashed the first half of a two-part project with The Attic. Now as 2019 get underway, the Los Angeles emcee is readying the arrival of The Basement, but before that arrives, he has teased the new effort with “Kill Zone.” Produced by Oh Gosh Leotus, “Kill Zone” is the Inland Empire rapper in his […]

Mereba Delivers New Single "Late Bloomer"

This week, singer Mereba returned with a two-pack of tracks repackaged for release, arriving with the previously-released “Bet,” and a new offering in “Late Bloomer.” “Late Bloomer” comes through to match the ethereal guitar-driven soundscapes found on 2016’s “Bet” as Mereba’s vocals fly high to create a lush soundtrack that brings her 2018 catalog to an effective close. […]

Pi'erre Bourne & Cardo Nervously Switch The Padlock On "Fly"

From the far reaches of Pi’erre Bourne playful brain comes the precursor to an even broader TLOP 4 project in the coming year. But while we’re on the topic of his collaborative mixtape with Cardo Got Wingz, why not press upon the brilliant interchange that takes place. Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure hinges on the coming to terms […]

RonSoCold Drops Off "Airpods"

Apple Airpods have been around in 2016, but this year, the wireless headphones sparked a hilarious meme on social media. Airpods seemed to be one of the most popular gifts this year. The Airpods sparked the “rich people” meme which has taken over Twitter and Instagram timelines. Today, RonSoCold pays homage to the electronic device […]

Loso Loaded Goes "Full Throttle" On His New Track

Loso Loaded’s been heating up the streets throughout the year. The rapper turned things up a notch at the beginning of 2018 when he linked up with 21 Savage for “Never Seen.” Since then, he’s been continuously dropping new music for his fans. As the year comes to a close, Loso Loaded delivers his final offering […]

ChaseTheMoney Links Up With Lucki On "More Than Ever"

ChaseTheMoney is back on his grizzly furnishing Chicago’s post-trap scene with the best he has to offer. On “More Than Ever,” the St. Louis-bred producer links up with Lucki for a chippy meditation on drug culture – from the perspective of a ‘user enthralled.’ “More Than Ever” looks set to appear on a tentative project named Freewave 3, from which […]

Pi'erre Bourne & Cardo Are Screaming "Oh My Gosh" On "Kevin Durant"

After teasing a new collaborative mixtape for days, Pi’erre Bourne and Cardo have finally dropped their joint effort. Before The Life of Pi’erre 4 drops early next month, the production duo has ramped things up to close out 2018 on a high note, offering fans some creative sounds for Christmas. Their fourteen-song effort runs through a few different […]

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa Combine Strains On "KhalifAndretti"

“Not a day goes by I don’t got a J,” raps Wiz, “spending change, where that Prada at?” Of course, it’s no surprise given his ongoing association with hip-hop’s plant o’ choice; Khalifa’s place as one of hip-hop’s prominent “weed rappers” has been hard-earned and well established. It’s no wonder he’s developed such natural chemistry […]