Layzie Bone Comes For Migos On Diss Song "Let Me Go Migo"

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Layzie Bone and Migos have been beefing online for the better part of December. It began when Layzie Bone responded to Migos’ claim that they were the biggest rap group of all time. Offset clapped back, challenging Layzie Bone to a competition of who has the most money. Bone wasn’t having that though, arguing that it comes down to the lyrics, not the bank account. On Christmas Day, Bone made the lyrical competition a reality. He came through with the diss song “Let Me Go Migo” which features some interesting cover art. 

Bone poses on the track art like the Grinch, while the Migos members are behind him in stockings. 21 Savage also got lumped into a stocking, due to him throwing in his opinion on the matter, which didn’t go over well with Layzie Bone. Over abrasive horns, Layzie Bone goes at the Migos in a competitive yet controlled onslaught. Check out “Let Me Go Migo” below and sound off in the comments. 

Quotable Lyrics
Woke up this morning right after the beef
I ain’t ‘gon lie I was thinking ’bout peace
Thought for one second like boy you a beast
So fuck them young niggas like Fuck the police

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