Hopsin Channels Krampus On Sinister "Hell's Carol"

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While many people have come to develop a love-hate relationship with Holiday Music, there is something undeniably enduring about “Carol Of The Bells.” Some might even call it the “Dark Banger” of the Christmas canon, a lovely and haunting arrangement to be sure. It’s no wonder that Hopsin, no stranger to the ominous himself, found himself gravitating toward “Carol” in lieu of a more traditional selection like “Joy To The World.” Now, Hop has gifted fans with “Hell’s Carol,” which follows last week’s drop of “Low-Key.” 

As per usual, Hop’s flow remains razor-focused, likely the most deadly tool in his arsenal. Lyrically, he certainly holds his own, foregoing the expected holiday themes in favor of a venting session. “I been lost on a path of sinning, I just hope the Lord’s going to have forgiveness,” he spits. “Keep your mind out my bag of business or else you and I going to have a bad collision.”

Given his recent flurry of activity, it’s entirely possible that Hop is gearing up for a big 2019. Stay tuned for more, and sound off below. Will you be adding this to your Christmas playlist? 

Quotable Lyrics

I been lost on a path of sinning
I just hope the Lord’s going to have forgiveness
Keep your mind out my bag of business
Or else you and I going to have a bad collision
Ain’t givin’ a fuck adrenaline rush
When hittin’ up you n***as are lunch

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