Freddie Gibbs Joins Injury Reserve For The Surprisingly Meditative "Wax On"

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When Injury Reserve take on a serious disposition, you’ll be the first to know it. Their self-titled LP launched on a busy Friday the 17th, after months of cold weather on the precipice. The state of Arizona is always a sandstorm away from getting itself back to arid form, no thanks to a languid guest verse from a willing Freddie Gibbs.

On paper, you’d expect nothing less than electricity from the Gibbs x Injury grouping – but that isn’t what they have in store for us on “Wax On.” Gibbs, for his part, agrees to play nice with his first-time hosts, who in turn, keep their chin up, the whole way through the proceedings. Stepa is particularly fixated on matters of the hearts when he raps, “Twitter feeds don’t feed my daughter/If I could sell that mothafucka, I would cash it in.” The section half is co-piloted by the group’s other rapping-half Nathaniel Ritchie and a languid (by his personal standards) Freddie Gibbs, touching on the decision to leave Gary, Indiana behind – all to better his family’s lot in life.

Quotable Lyrics:

Stove off, stove on, dope on my stovetop, yeah
Percy Miller, ice cream, my glass pop, yeah
Gang, gang, world tour, my shows been sold out, yeah
I used to fuck strippers on that stop.

– Freddie Gibbs

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