Ariaa Hops In His "Space Coupe" To Close Out The Year

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At the end of the year, we always like to reflect on all the new acts that have come up in the last few months, placing predictions on who can be next to blow up. Ariaa is in the conversation as somebody that has the potential to make a lot of noise in 2019. We first caught onto him from his collaboration with Mikey100k but his most recent efforts have helped to keep the focus solely on him. His style is reminiscent of artists like Juice WRLD and Post Malone as the Texan clearly has a great ear for melody. 

“Space Coupe” is the newest song to release from Ariaa as he continues to build his brand. Produced by H, the airy track was released as a Christmas gift to his fans and it was quite the present. “Space Coupe” might be one of those tracks that ends up sticking tightly in a few months. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

Me and you, girl, we ain’t on the same shit
I dream about cash money like I’m Wayne b*tch
I can’t get caught flexing with a lame b*tch
So I copped the coupe for myself just so I could lane switch

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