Is it possible to get a full ride scholarship to medical school?

Medical schools typically don’t give scholarships. The main reason is that they don’t have to. Undergrad institutions give scholarships to entice students to go there. Med schools turn most of their applicants away and don’t really need to entice anybody. The vast majority of medical students either take out loans to go, or are financed by the Bank of Mom and Dad.

The major source of full tuition scholarships are the ones that come with some sort of service commitment afterwards. The largest of these are through the various branches of the the US military. These scholarship programs provide full tuition to any accredited medical school in the country, all books and equipment, and a living stipend of around $30,000 per year the last time I checked. In return, participants agree to commit to 4 years of active military service following residency. There may also be some restrictions abut where and in what the participant can train (the where is more common, as they may require a military residency program, the in what is less so as the military needs all specialties). There is also a smaller service commitment during school.

There are similar programs through other organizations such as the Indian Health Service.

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