Turkish Businesspersons Visa in UK

What is a UK Turkish Businessperson Visa?

A UK Turkish Businessperson Visa is a UK Business and Work visa established only for Turkish nationals. It enables its holder to come to the UK and start a new business, or help run an established business.

The UK Turkish Businessperson Visa enables you to stay in the UK for 12 months. You can then extend your stay for another 3 years. You can also bring family members with you as your dependents.

Who Can Apply for a UK Turkish Businessperson Visa?

The main criterion for applying for a UK Turkish Businessperson Visa is to be a Turkish citizen. Yet, you will also need to meet the rest of the remaining criteria to be eligible.

The main eligibility criteria to apply for a UK Businessperson Visa are as follows:

  • You must have sufficient funds to establish your business or to pay the share of costs running the business.
  • Your part of the earnings will be enough to support you and your family.

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How to Apply for a UK Turkish Businessperson Visa

To apply for a UK Turkish Businessperson visa you need to complete several procedures.

The first thing you need to do is to apply online. You should apply at the official website of the UK government. Completing this application is free of charge.

The application form includes the following questions:

  • Your name & surname.
  • Date & place of birth.
  • Country of residence & nationality.
  • Questions about your parents.
  • Previous trips to the UK and other countries of the world.
  • If you have committed any crimes in the past.
  • The reason for traveling to the UK, etc.

You will also need to book an appointment at the visa application center in your country. On the day of your appointment, submit the documents you have been required to collect.

When to Apply for a UK Turkish Businessperson Visa

Apply for a UK Turkish Businessperson visa within three months before the date of your trip to the UK. Note that the earliest you can apply, is three months before this date.

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Required Documents for a UK Turkish Businessperson Visa

A very important part of the application process for a UK Turkish Businessperson visa is gathering the required documents. Based on these documents, the UK authorities will decide whether you meet the criteria to get such a visa, or not.

The main required documents for a UK Turkish Businessperson visa are as listed below:

  • Your current passport. Make sure your passport is valid and has at least one blank page before you apply.
  • Proof that you have the financial means to support yourself and your dependents, if any,
  • Proof of your living costs. This could be a tenancy agreement, mortgage agreement, utility bills, council tax statement, bank statements, or documents relating to transfer of money to relatives abroad.
  • Proof of state benefits you have received in the UK, if applicable.
  • Tuberculosis test results. Turkish residents do not need to submit such a document. Yet, if you have been residing in a country the citizens of which need to submit these results, you should too.

In addition, you will need to submit proof for the business you want to establish or join. This includes:

  • The business plan.
  • Documents for your business premises.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • Insurance documents.
  • HM Revenue and Customs Documents.
  • Qualifications for running the business.
  • Evidence of your finances and investment in the business.
  • Evidence of financial assistance from a third party.

Be aware that the UK embassy or visa application center in the country from where you are applying, may ask you to submit additional documents.

UK Turkish Businessperson Visa Fee

When applying for a UK Turkish Businessperson visa, you will not need to pay any fees.

UK Turkish Businessperson Visa Processing

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The UK authorities will take a decision on your application for a UK Turkish Businessperson visa within 12 weeks of your application.

UK Turkish Businessperson Visa Validity

You can stay in the UK with a Turkish Businessperson visa for a period of 12 months. Before the end of your visa, you can apply for a visa extension of another 3 years.

However, to extend your visa, the following statements must apply to you:

  • Your business is still going.
  • You are still able to pay your part of the expenses of running the business.
  • Your profits are enough to support you and your dependents.

Bringing Family Members to UK with a Turkish Businessperson Visa

If you are a holder of a UK Turkish Businessperson Visa, you can bring to the UK your spouse and your children under the age of 21.

To apply, they must also submit the documents listed below, aside of the commonly required documents:

  • Proof for your relationship.
  • Proof they will live with you permanently.
  • Proof that you can support and house yourself and your dependents during your stay.

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